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SG18PD-Air-cooled Inclined Refrigeration Cabinet

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■ The refrigerator has compact structure, smooth lines, luxurious appearance and European style.;
■ Imported famous brand units, split/integrated optional, truly low noise, high energy efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving, safety, stability;
■ The side panel is designed with hollow toughened glass, which is highly effective anti fog, and further enhances the display effect of objects in the cabinet.;
■ The cabinet is made of stainless steel, corrosion resistant, easy to clean, easy to use and does not contaminate food.;
■ The multi-functional shelf can be assembled freely, and the front side and the bottom of the shelf have built-in energy-saving lamps, which can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the display items, showing the best display effect.;
■ The whole polyurethane foam technology, environmental protection foam material, high strength, high density, energy saving and electricity saving.;
■ Microcomputer automatic temperature control technology, automatic defrosting system, less error, easier operation, more accurate temperature control;
■ The unique waterfall micro air supply design ensures that the products are evenly distributed and the refrigeration effect is better.;
■ The imported balanced thermal expansion valve improves the utilization rate of evaporator.;
■ The pull-out air curtain is installed at night to save energy and electricity.;
■ The asymmetric eddy cooling air curtain, the large area pure copper tube evaporator, the refrigeration is more uniform, the speed is quicker.;
■ Streamlined metal strake is inlaid, no deformation, corrosion resistance, the appearance is more luxurious style.;
■ Built-in air curtain with casters, easy to move and use; non-fluorine environmental protection refrigerant, environmental damage coefficient is zero, truly achieve green environmental protection;
■ Wide Climate Band and Wide Voltage Band with Dual Width Design. It is not affected by region, temperature and voltage. It runs freely all the year round. It is more comfortable to use.。

Application area

Our products are widely used in supermarkets, convenience stores, major hotels, hotels, restaurants, Chinese and Western restaurants, shopping malls, hospitals, pharmacies, government units, Stone's stores, school canteens, cakes, cakes, bars, cafes, KTV, fruit juice cold drinks, beer houses, night stalls, tea and fruit, wholesale markets for agricultural products. It is the best choice for the refrigeration and refrigeration display food and beverage equipment in the above comprehensive places to improve the purchase intention.。

Cooperative partner

Famous supermarket chains and convenience stores: Meiyijia, Tianfu, Ali Gate, Jimmy, Uygur Jia, Xinshun, Meiyijia, Xishiduo, 5+1, Hub, Hubiz, Maike (Dongguan) 181 chain (Dongguan) Shanghao (Dongguan) good friends (Dongguan) Hejiahuan (Dongguan), Shunkelong (Foshan), Maishihui (Dongguan) Chongqing fringe tribe (Chongqing) Jiale Ke (Hubei), Renle, Jiarong shopping plaza, Suibao, Huarun Wanjia, Wal-Mart, Tianhong, Xinjiao, Hao Duo, Carrefour, Jizhi Island, Hello Supermarket (Changsha), Hershey Supermarket (Nanning), Jingmin Yibai (Xiamen), Qixing Shopping Center (Sichuan), etc. Xiangchao Hotel (Zhuzhou), Auchan (Shanghai), Xiandebao Life Supermarket (Shanghai), Bumblebee Lotus (Shanghai), Lianhua Supermarket (Shanghai), etc.。
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