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17HR Mini multi-deck island

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  • Description

Basic parameters
Type Refrigerated Multideck Cabinet Model Model SG17HR
Design condition 3(25℃,60%RH) temperature range Temperature range H1(2~10℃)
Energy Efficiency Grade 3 Refrigeration mode Refrigerating system Air cooling Air-Cooling
(mm) Width 2000/2500  custom (L)Depth 1000 custom
(mm) Height 1450  custom (L)Effective Volume -
Cabinet parameters
Cabinet /color Black / White / grey custom External Cabinet material SGCC
Internal Cabinet material SGCC (mm) front end heigth 360
foaming cyclopentane Inside shelf SGCC
Pallets 3 Pallet weight 100KG/m²
Pallet Bearing 150KG/m² Side panel G: 23mm S: 36mm
G: Glass Side Plate Thickness 23 mm S: Foamed Side Plate Thickness 36 mm
Silk Printing Color of Side Plate Glass Silver gray Glass 19mm LOW-E hollow glass
Foot Foundation bolt & Castor wheel Night curtain Deceleration curtain
(kg) Gross weight 135KG/1000mm
Refrigerating system
Compressor Emerson/Panasonic custom temperature Evap Temp ℃ -10℃
Refrigerant R404A (g)Refrigerant charge -
Evaporators Copper Tube with aluminum fins Condenser Copper Tube with aluminum fins
Throttle modes danfoss temperature Temperature control Electronic temperature controller
Defrost Off-Cycle defrost Defrost water treatment Drain pipe
Electric parameter
Condenser Fan motor Crew Depending on unit allocation Evaporating fan EBM
Lighting Canopy & Shelf LED white X-union power(W) Input Power 288W
Plug 16A Plug 220V/50HZ, 380V

MDC-RL Features
• All welded rigid frame
• CFC-free foam injected seamless basin
• NSF leveler legs

• High efficiency refrigeration system w/copper tube coils
• Energy efficient fans
• 1½” drains w/traps
• Thermometer
• Ready for remote refrigeration system with:
- Expansion valve - specify refrigerant
- Temperature sensor - specify
- Thermostat w/defrost controls & suction line solenoid
- Liquid line hand valve

• Black/white interior
• Canopy lighting - 2 rows T-5
• Removable base display deck with product stop
• Five levels of 21” metal shelves w/rear extensions

• Standard color finish
• Architectural aluminum extrusion for canopy & nose

• Endpanels:
- Glass view, shared, or solid end panels
- Mirror polish or brushed stainless steel end panel interior
• Consult factory on alternative case controls
• Liquid-suction heat exchanger
• Specify for use with secondary coolant systems
• LED lighting - specify location(s)
• Interior stainless steel finish
• Under shelf lights - T-5 fluorescent or LED
• 2” acrylic product stops
• Third row of T-5 canopy lights
• Front deck light
• Exterior stainless steel, premium color, or laminate finish
• Sliding insulated rear doors for loading
• Cart bumper - specify size
• Night curtain
• Alternative case heights, lengths & options - consult factory

self service multi deck Self-Contained Options: (may increase case height)
• Condensing unit
• Electric condensate dissipator
• Digital temperature and defrost controls
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